You’ve decorated the Christmas tree with ornaments and the house with lights. How about decorating your braces for the holidays? We know all about how to make your braces festive with fun seasonal color combinations! Here are some tips!

Those Tiny Colored Bands

One of our favorite things about having braces during the holidays is that you get to choose new colors every time you get a braces adjustment — and you can choose festive colors during the holidays! The tiny bands that attach the wires of your braces to the brackets on your teeth come in a full rainbow of colors, giving you nearly endless possibilities for decorating your braces during the holidays!

Starting Ideas

Decorating your braces during the holidays can start with traditional colors like red and green. Or you could choose all different shades of blue to match the icy winter weather outside.

Or you could get inspiration from some of your favorite holiday things! Do you have a favorite Christmas sweater you like to wear to parties? You could match the colors so your braces and sweater will be a perfect match for holiday parties and events!

If you’re unsure where to start, ask your orthodontist for suggestions! They can tell you the colors that others your age are choosing to celebrate the joy of the holiday season.

Holiday Braces Care

Taking good care of your braces will help your smile shine its brightest all season long! Make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly after eating and only eat braces-friendly foods, even if it looks like a really fun holiday treat! There are plenty of fun holiday treats you’ll have a chance to enjoy that are safe for your braces.

Generally, holiday foods that are crunchy, chewy, hard, or sticky can put your braces at greater risk of breaking. So stick to foods that are soft, easy to chew, and don’t stick to your teeth or braces.

If you have more questions about braces-friendly foods or braces care during the holiday season, your orthodontist is the best person to ask questions! They’ll be happy to help you navigate the holidays with your braces worry-free so you can enjoy the festivities and fun of the season!

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